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How to Make Organic Fertilizers for Roses

A homemade organic fertilizer is always preferable to commercial ones. In this article you  will find some information about homemade organic fertilizers for roses. With more and more people turning natural in various ways, organic gardening too is fast gaining momentum. In general, this concept can be explained as...
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Organic Fertilizer Recipes

The best fertilizer for your garden actually comes from your kitchen, in addition to the garden waste. Although there are many organic manures available in the market, your garden will flower well with the homemade natural ones. Most of us use chemical products to treat our gardens. People...
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How To Make Compost Tea

Using compost tea in the garden is a great way to both fertilize and improve the overall health of your plants and crops. Farmers and other compost tea makers have used this fertilizing brew as a natural garden tonic for centuries, and the practice is still commonly used...
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What Can I Compost?

If your compost pile is heating up properly, you can put all kinds of things in there. Be sure that everything you put in your compost pile is in pieces smaller than 1-2 inches. Shredded and chopped items break down must faster than whole pieces. Here’s a list...
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How Compost Helps Your Soil

Compost is finished when it’s a dark, rich color, crumbles easily, and you can’t pick out any of the original ingredients. It should have a sweet, earthy smell. If it’s too stringy or lumpy, it may need more time. If this is the first time you’ve tried making...
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