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Taking Care of Columnea (Goldfish plant)

Columnea Goldfish plant Light and position The columnea requires a position with good light . to encourage flowering , but shaded from direct sunlight . it is best seen as a hanging plant , so it could be placed near the window in a bright room . however...
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Asplenium nidus

General Information Bird’s nest fern is an evergreen, epiphytic fern with a short rhizome and large leaves that can be 150cm long and 20cm wide The plant is sometimes harvested from the wild as a local food source. It is commonly grown as an ornamental in the tropics....
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Roof gardens and balconies

Practical considerations Before embarking on a project to make your roof garden into an oasis of greenery and flowers, the following important points should be considered: Building restrictions Before designing any addition to a property’s roof it is essential to check: Whether planning permission is required How much...
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Indoor Animals Shape Pots

Surfing the Internet searching for new ideas for kids rooms indoor plants ideas , i have found a lot of stuff , one of them was the indoor pots in the shape on animals which looks attractive & also was attractive when i showed to kids , Anyway...
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How to make your indoor plants looks shiny

Have you ever noticed how every single plant at the florist seems to have particularly luminous leaves? It’s not because they’re healthier or better taken care of than your plants – it’s just because they have a little bit of extra help when it comes to keeping the...
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Indoor Plants Lighting Requirements

All or most of us have a lot of indoor plants , but first problem we all face when purchasing our indoor plants , is where to relocate it in our home due to the indoor plants need a plenty of indirect light daily , Any way in...
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