Japanese Style

The fashion for Japanese gardens existed for a long time, and still interest in this style is not waning. Fundamentals of Japanese style borrowed from the Chinese, which asians further developed in accordance with their world vision. The first Japanese gardens created sages and philosophers. They believed that...
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Moorish Style

Moorish gardens were derived from oases – the main joy of a person living in the desert. That’s what determined the main features of Moorish style in landscape design – the abundance of green, lush exotic flowers, bright colors, as well as water features, all that is what...
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Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Garden – one of the oldest designs of landscape architecture. Like any classic, this style has passed the test of time, is still attractive today, has spread far beyond the land gave rise to it. Especial charm of terracotta pottery, herbs, clipped conifers, white sculptures, sand and...
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History of Landscape

The history of landscape design begins not much later than the beginning of history of mankind. The starting point can be considered as the first arrangement of primitive man station. He reworked the landscape to fit his needs, mainly in defense against aggressive external environment, and this marked...
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Retaining Walls

What do Retaining Walls refers to? Retaining walls are the structure that holds or retains soil behind it. There are many types of materials that can be used to create retaining walls like concrete blocks, poured concrete, treated timbers, rocks or boulders. Some are easy to use, others...
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What is hardscape?

Hardscape refers to the hard landscape elements in any landscape projects , especially any masonry work or woodwork , It is also considered one  of the two major sub-categories of landscaping Hardscape elements  include paved areas, driveways, retaining walls, gazebos , pergolas, stairs and walkways any other landscaping made up of hard wearing materials...
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