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Easy Tips to Grow Plants – Flowers, Herbs and Greens

1. Focus on easy to grow plants

For beginners, the easiest place to start is by planting annuals and herbs. These two types of plants are easy to grow, don’t need a ton of attention, and can be planted in any season! For annuals, try nigella, cosmos, or sweet peas and for herbs, start with thyme, mint, or oregano.

Sweet Peas




2. Choose a sunny location

Plants love sun, so the perfect location requires a good amount for maximum growth. One solution is to place your plants in a row expanding from north to south so that they don’t shade each other during the day. If space isn’t an issue, place your pots in the sunniest position available.

3. Good soil is key

A plant cannot grow well if it doesn’t have good support from the soil where it’s standing. A healthy soil makes a healthy plant which in turn will produce more and more flowers and fruit. Choose a rich compost and mix peat into the soil for added drainage.


4. Sow continuously

Start planting seeds indoors in February to get a head start. Then continue to sow until frost is gone. This will ensure that you have a good supply of blooms and produce throughout the summer.


5. Keep cutting

Clipping and cutting helps to make more blooms, especially for annuals and perennials. For each flower you cut, two new shoots will grow and bloom flowers.

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