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Paysage Style

Various resources, including literature, indicate that this landscape style originated in England in the XVIII century. At that time, the British naturalists who have brought new trends of culture from the East, and that was reflected in literature and art of England, led to the creation of new views of the landscape design.

English paysage style – not the result of ideas borrowed from the East, but the original phenomenon of British culture, embodying the idea of the naturalness and beauty of the world and people creating it.

This style is free, natural layout of the landscape; straightness, correctness of form and symmetry completely excluded.

The main feature of English paysage style is the absence of artificial landscapes and a hint of its artificial origin. Arrangement of parts and components is often used in “chaotic”, and at the same time, carefully thought-out. Obligatory specialty of this style is rugged terrain with ravines, artificial and natural elevations, ponds of irregular shape. Compositions are created so that when you walk on the roads or paths, in the field of vision constantly get hidden for previous second details  – every track curve – new experiences and unexpected solutions in the art of creating landscapes. Harmony in a combination of elements is the principal measure of completeness of the paysage landscape.

Paths should have winding structure, but the turns, thus, should not be contrived and sharp, the material of paths – always of natural origin or high quality imitating of it. This provision is consistent with the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. Smooth and winding lines must be presented in all elements of the landscape – in the form of weeping trees, natural stone and even the roofs of houses should not remain on the sidelines.
Important role in the paysage style of landscape compositions have water features, whether the pond, creek, small waterfall or cascade, and even decorative swamp; important thing is that they, as well as everything else seemed the most natural.

When selecting plants for planting, it is desirable to use species that are natural for your climate zone. However, in creating thematic compositions, to give additional color to the landscape, Mediterranean, Japanese or any other style, is acceptable and even necessary to take plants that are peculiar for the climate of that part of the world, which thematic designer use.

From the examples of landscape design in paysage style, of course, distinguished old English manor.


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