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Basalt Pavers

It’s impossible not to be amazed at basalt pavers. Their origin is a common extrusive volcanic rock with variety of uses. Besides landscaping and other similar applications, basalt is also made into a heat-resistant fiber.

When used on construction, this rock can be used for sturdy foundation, highway, railroad ballast, and so much more. The rock is not only sturdy but also stunning to look at, making it a perfect complement to water features.

What is Basalt?

Though basalt is considered as the most common type of natural stone, it is still the choice of many architects and landscape installers. This grey-to-black rock with embedded crystals is a durable construction material.

However, paving experts are only using high quality basalt. To be considered as a paving and construction material, it has to have less than 20% quartz, less than 10% feldspathoid and more than 65% feldspar.

The Qualities of Basalt

Basalt pavers enjoy qualities that are common to their natural forms.

  • Naturally beautiful. Basalt forms hexagonal columns, making it distinguishable as compared to other rocks. Its natural beauty is enough to flatter a landscape. It is commonly used as a bubble fountain, a rock foundation for waterfalls, retaining walls, and benches.
  • Resilient stone. Basalt is known in the world of construction as a “very hard stone.” Its name was actually derived from Latin basanites, which means “very hard stone.” That’s why this stone is used to boost the durability of asphalt, cement, and even used as cobblestones. This quality can be attributed to the 1,250oC eruption temperature needed to produce it.
  • Design flexibility. Natural basalt is beautiful. However, we can’t use large stones as pavers so it needs to undergo another process. The stone allows cutting and smoothening, thus allowing creation of more varieties in terms of shapes, sizes, and textures.
  • Thanks to these qualities — basalt pavers can be used for the flooring, wall covering, windowsills, countertops, and more areas of construction that require exceptional architectural works.

Varieties of our Basalt Pavers

Cut and manufactured basalt pavers come in beautiful varieties. We have mentioned that their colors range from grey to black. also  basalt pavers come in brown, red, black, dark grey, and light grey.

Also, the natural basalt typically has a grainy texture. Using such may be great for decorative purpose, but not for the flooring or wall. That’s why thier is  the saw edges; natural split face, flamed, and tumbled.

The hexagonal pavers are common, in addition to the other shapes , like square, rounded, rectangular, fan, and other shapes you can think of.

Need small basalt pavers?  60x40x3cm will be enough. If you need the largest one, we can ask for the  200x100x4cm pavers. Thicker Basalt pavers, especially those with 5-cm thickness, are ideal for the flooring; while the thinner 1-cm-thick pavers are great for wall claddings



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