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How to Grow a Successful Vegetable Garden

There is no doubt you need to know to grow a great vegetable garden.

If you’re new to gardening

and this is your first vegetable garden, we will help you avoid the common mistakes made by most beginner gardeners.

If you gave gardening a try at least once before with little success don’t give up!

It is our mission to help all of you grow a successful crop of healthy vegetables that you will enjoy come harvest time.

Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Okay! Let’s get the ball rolling by giving you a mini overview of just a bit on what we will cover .

  • Planning Your Garden 

    This is the first mistake most beginner gardeners make. Yes, most people have a general idea what they want to grow, then head out to the back yard, dig a hole, and plant their favorite vegetable.If luck isn’t on their side (and it usually isn’t), their plants will slowly whither and die.

  • Fertilizing Your GardenEveryone knows that all plants need fertilizer including our novice gardener. What most beginner gardeners don’t know, is exactly what type of fertilizer to use, how much, how often, and on which vegetable plant.


  • Growing TomatoesTomatoes are probably the most popular plant grown by gardeners. For beginner gardeners it appears to be the plant of choice.

    It doesn’t sound like it would be all that difficult to grow a tomato plant, and it isn’t. That is, if you are aware of the many pit falls your tomato plant will experience from a young seedling to a full growth.

    Learn how to keep you plants healthy to full maturity, and what is required to prevent spoiled and damaged tomatoes.

    To find out more, read our article on growing tomatoes.

  • Vertical GardeningIs a method of growing vegetables if you have a small garden or no backyard garden at all.

    If all you have is a patio or an apartment balcony, this method of growing vegetables may be just right for you.

    Vertical gardening is also popular for gardeners who have back or knee problems.


  • Raised Bed GardenFor all you beginner gardeners who have some garden space or even if you have a large area, a raised bed garden may be just right for you.

    If your garden soil is barren (by that I mean has little or no nutrients), a raised bed garden is a perfect solution. Many experienced gardeners have at least one raised bed in their back yard.


  • Organic Gardening 

    Learn how to grow vegetables the organic way to keep you and your family safe from harmful pesticides that find there way into your vegetables.To learn which are the best nutrients for your vegetable soil, read this article organic gardening.

    Garden Pests

    Learn which are the good critters and which are the bad critters that will make short work of your vegetable plants and what you can do to get rid of them.

    Garden pests come under three categories. Leaf eaters- Pests that love chomping away on your plants leaves. Sap suckers- Pest that get food from the sap of plants. And, Pests- that live in the soil and feed on plant roots and stems.

     Controlling Weeds

    They are the nightmare of any vegetable gardener. Every spring without fail, they are the first visitors to show up in your garden as soon as the frost leaves the soil.

    Learn how to remove and control weeds. Three methods to kill them. And, what are the safest methods to use to protect you children and pets from contamination.

Because it soon will be vegetable planting time, now is the time to start growing seeds for planting when the time is right.

Remember, growing vegetables is rewarding, enjoyable, and your whole family can join in. Plus you get to eat “the fruit of your labor.” What other hobby can say that?

Welcome to the wonderful world of vegetable gardening.

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