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Pool Deck Repair

Cracks in your pool’s deck aren’t just ugly, they can be dangerous because it’s easy to trip or slip on uneven surface. A pool is a great addition to your home, but everyone knows that there are some dangers that go hand-in-hand with having one – why add to the risk with an unsafe pool deck?


On the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s pool safety website, the group warns that parents should never allow their children to run while on the pool deck. “Children can easily slip and fall into the water or injure themselves if they are running around the pool,” the group warns.


And it’s not just kids, either. A fall can seriously injure anyone. So how do you stay clear of bumps, bruises and the occasional law suit?


  • 1.What is your pool deck made of?

    There are lots of different kinds of pool decks. They can be made of wood, concrete, stone, tile or brick, to name a few. Cement decks can develop cracks and chip. Wood can warp and tile can break off or lose its luster. The style of your pool deck will play a big part in the type of professional you use, the type of repair you need, and the amount of money you pay to get the problem fixed.

  • 2.What is the cause?

    See if you can track down the cause of your specific decking problem. Did the contractor use poor quality materials or install the deck improperly? Is there some kind of outside force like termites or other wildlife eating away at your deck? Is it a matter of too much sun or water exposure? Figuring out the cause of your problem means that you could possibly stop it from getting worse.

  • 3.What is the solution?

    What do you need to do to get your deck in ship-shape? Will a simple coat of sealant or the reapplication of a few wayward tiles do the trick? The level of time, energy and money needed to repair your pool deck issues can vary. Some things, like a coat of sealant or the reapplication of a few wayward tiles, can be very simple. Other times, things can get a bit more involved.

    .4.Do it yourself?

Once you have analyzed the problem, figure out if it’s something you want to tackle yourself, or leave to a professional. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you have all the tools you need, and a good plan of action. If you’re going to hire a professional, look for a contractor who specializes in the kind of decking you have. One good place to start your search is online, at RedBeacon.com. Get a few written estimates so that you can comparison shop. Once the work is done, don’t forget to ask your professional what kinds of preventative steps you can take to make sure the problem doesn’t arise again.

Swimming pools are a lot of fun, but maintaining them is a lot of work. Stay on top of pool maintenance and you won’t find yourself drowning in problems.



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