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Rose Planting Guide

Roses are considered one of the most amazing & lovely Plants all over the world,

All of us wonder how anyone can propagate roses in his back garden; probably propagating roses is very easy method which we will explain it in the following points:

  1. On planting day,refresh the roots in a bucket of water while you dig the planting hole. An hour-long soaking plumps up shriveled roots.
  2. Clip off damaged roots(this one is cracked). Shorten roots that are too long to fit in the planting hole without bending.
  3. Some rose sellers trimthe stems, or canes, for you. More likely, you’ll need to prune them yourself. Remove the broken ends of canes, canes with blackened or diseased spots, and twiggy growth. Leave three to five sturdy canes in an open-centered arrangement. Cut back any extra-long canes so all are about the same length. Don’t worry about making a pruning mistake; it’s hard to go wrong.
  4. Timing is crucial for bare-root planting:in most areas bare-root roses should be planted in early spring before their leaves unfurl; where temperatures rarely dip below 20 degrees, winter planting is best. If you can’t plant a bare-root rose right away, keep its roots moist and cool. An alternative to bare-root roses — container-grown or “potted” roses — can be planted any time they’re available. Potted roses are a convenient way to extend the planting season.

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