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Granite Types

Granite is Considered as one of the most elite materials that is used in indoor & outdoor Application , Also it is used  in making decoration items .

Today we will display as much as we can of Granite Marble Types , to be easily for each of us to identify the color & type he likes

1- Aswan black granite

Aswan black granite

2- Galaxy granite

Galaxy Granite

3-Gondulo granite

Gandula Granite

4-Halayeb granite

Halayeb Granite

5- Hurghada granite

Hurghada Granite

6- Kashmir granite

kashmir granite

7- Labrador black granite

labrador black granite

8- Labrador blue granite

Labrador Blue granite

9- Labrador brown granite

Labrador Brown Granite

10- Red agadir granite

Red Agadir Granite

11-Rred aswani granite

red aswani granite

12- Royal Red Granite

Royal Red Granite

13-Safaga red Granite

Safaga light Granite

14-Verdi Ghazal Granite

Verdi Ghazal Granite

15-Verdi ghazal green granite

verdi ghazal green granite

16-Verdi ghazal yellow granite

verdi ghazal yellow granite

I hope i have covered most of the Granite types found all over the world .



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