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Triesta Marble


Triesta Marble one of the most famous types of Egyptian Marble,

Trieste Marble is Gray, Light Brown , it is fine grained & irregular pattern marble , Also sometimes it is called Sinai pearl , it is used for flooring & for wall purpose

For its attractive color, high hardness & its excellent durability it is recommended for indoor & outdoor use.

It can be used for building wall cladding, flooring, Counter tops for kitchen, blusters & also for bathroom accessories

Triesta Marble have a lot of features first that it is resistance for Water & grease in addition to its beautiful pattern & that it can be used in interior decoration or exterior purpose mainly as a pool deck

There are many available finishes for triesta marble which are polished , chiseled face , tumbled , antique brushed , & bush hammered

For triesta physical properties is as follow:


Abrasion resistance Hardness : 98.3
Flexural Strength : 15.00 Mpa
Modulus of Rupture : 9.5 Mpa
Compressive strength : 199.00 Mpa
Absorption by weight : 0.30 %
Density : 2580 Kg/m3


Triesta Marble



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