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How to Propagate Lantana

Most Lantanas today are hybrids so propagating them from seed is not an option if you want the identical plant.  A better option is to take softwood cuttings from a mother plant.

While this process may sound complicated, it really is not but the timing of the cut must be perfect.  If not, the cutting will not root.

You will need to do the cutting in the spring when the plant is still blooming.  Select a branch that does not have a bloom on it.  Once you have found your branch, the next step is to cut the branch four inches down from the tip.  Make sure that this cut is at an angle not only for the cutting but also for the mother plant.  An angle cut will root better and as far as a wound on the adult plant, an angle cut heals better and will not hold water.  This later reason can cause the tip of the branch to rot and in doing so damage the plant.

If you are doing more than one cut, keep a bucket of water nearby to place your cuttings in.  This will keep the cuttings from taking up air and drying out.

Once you have your cuttings taken, the next step is to prepare the soilless potting medium.  This is easily created by mixing a 1: 1 ratio of peat moss and perlite.  Mix in a small container and once incorporated fill several small pots with this planting medium.  Moisten thoroughly this soilless potting medium.  Once this is done, take a pencil and poke a hole in the medium that is two inches deep.  Repeat this process for each cutting you may have taken.

Once the cuttings have been taken, remove all the leaves along the stem except two sets of leaves on the top of each cutting.

Dip the cut end of one of the cuttings into water and then into a rooting hormone.  Make sure that you coat up to two inches of the cutting.  If you do not have any rooting hormone, do not worry.  You can use honey as a substitute.

Next, place the coated cutting into the premade hole and push the soil around the cutting.   Repeat this process until all cuttings have been planted.  After that has happened, you will need to create a simple greenhouse.  This can be done by poking a few sticks inside each pot.  These sticks will hold the plastic away from the cuttings.

After that is done, place a pot inside a clear, plastic bag and tie off.  Repeat with all the pots.  Place the prepared bags in a location that is kept between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and away from direct sunlight.  While these cuttings will require light to grow, a filtered light source is the best.

Periodically, check the soil moisture and water as needed.  Remember when doing this, to seal up the bag once this task is complete.

In six to eight weeks, you should begin to see new leaf growth.  Once you see this sign, open up the bag and gently tug on the cutting.  If you feel resistance, the cutting has rooted.  If you feel no resistance, seal up the bag and wait a few more weeks.

Once rooted, remove the cuttings and plant into individual pots.  Mist often and monitor soil moisture.  Water when the soil is dry.    Continue to grow indoors until ready to place in the garden space.

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