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When And How To Transplant A Passiflora

Passion fruit vines are vigorous growers that send out twirling shoots in every direction. The plants are so energetic that they can take over an area that doesn’t offer enough vertical support. Transplanting passion flower vines may be necessary to afford them enough growing space and scaffolding for...
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Why My Petunia Has Yellow Leaves?

Petunias are beloved, no fuss annual plants that most gardeners can’t do without in the landscape. These plants are steady performers in summer, rewarding our neglect with bountiful flower displays and few pest and disease problems. Occasionally, however, a specific issue such as yellowing petunia leaves, can leave...
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Growing Onions from Seed

Most gardeners start to grow onions from sets. These small and immature onion bulbs are preferred by many as growing them is incredibly easy. However, if you want to expand your variety horizons, you will understand that onion sets offer limited choices and turning to seeds is the...
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Different Types of Fertilizers

In this article we will explain in detail types of fertilizers and their uses regarding providing nutrients to plants, and maintaining the quality of soil. Fertilizers are complex chemical compounds that are necessary for proper growth and development of plants. They are either added to the soil or applied...
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Kalmia latifolia

Common Names: mountain laurel, calico bush Family: Ericaceae (heath Family) Description Mountain laurel is a dense, bushy shrub that is usually less than 10 ft (3 m) tall with an equal spread. Occasional specimens may reach tree size, up to 30 ft (9 m) in height. Mountain laurel...
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