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Air layering of plants

Air layering is an effective propagation method for some plants that do not root readily from cuttings and which often lack low-growing shoots suitable for conventional layering, such as magnolia, hazel, Cotinus and flowering Cornus species. Other suitable plants for air layering include: acers, camellia, Chaenomeles, daphnes, Ficus,Forsythia, Hamamelis,...
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Roof gardens and balconies

Practical considerations Before embarking on a project to make your roof garden into an oasis of greenery and flowers, the following important points should be considered: Building restrictions Before designing any addition to a property’s roof it is essential to check: Whether planning permission is required How much...
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How To Propagate Dieffenbachia Plants?

Dieffenbachia can be an attractive and almost carefree houseplant that adds a tropical statement to almost any room. Once you have a healthy plant growing in your home, you have the potential for an endless supply of new, smaller plants simply by propagating cuttings and clippings from the...
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Plants For Gardening With Salt Water Soil

Found predominantly along sea coasts or tidal rivers and estuaries, salty soils occur when sodium builds up in the soil. In most areas where rainfall is above 20 inches per year, salt accumulation is rare because the sodium is quickly leached from the soil. However, even in some...
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Facts about seeds

The largest seed in the world is the double coconut. It can measure up to 50cm (1.6ft) around the middle! Coconuts have a fibrous coating and an air space inside them, because they need to be able to float to a new home. Some coconuts have floated 2,000km...
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