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Transplanting guide for gardeners

Your transplanting success will increase if you’ll observe a few simple rules that take into account the plants’ needs. Basic as they are, simple as they may seem, they are still the fundamentals around which successful transplanting is built, so follow them and give the plants the best...
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Top 14 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow

1-Basil This medicinal herb can help with flatulence, lack of appetite, cuts, and scrapes. Harvest the young leaves of this annual plant as needed. 2-Chamomile Use the flower heads of this medicinal herb for infusions and salves to relieve indigestion and colic, anxiety and tension, and skin inflammations...
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Sandy Soils

Although easy to cultivate and work, light sandy soils dry out quickly and are low in nutrients. When gardening on sandy soil it is important to select plants that will be happy in dry, infertile soils, as other plants will depend on expensive and environmentally questionable heavy watering...
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Clay soils

Soils rich in fine clay particles are called ‘heavy soils’ and, although hard to manage, are also potentially very fertile when treated in the right way Identifying clay soil Clay soils can be identified by: Clays feel slightly sticky and dense They feel smooth (not gritty) when a...
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Chalky soils

Alkaline soils are widely distributed allover the world, and many of these will be derived form chalk or limestone and are commonly referred to as chalky. . Chalky soils are often shallow, stony and free-draining, and added organic matter can decompose rapidly, making them difficult to keep fertile. Poor growth...
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Salvia Propagation using cuttings

Salvias are a large group of plants popular for adding colour to borders in late summer. The perennial types vary in hardiness so a good way to safeguard against winter losses is to root cuttings. This is simple to do and it is satisfying to share these long-flowering...
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