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Best Plants for making Hedges

One of the Important elements in any garden is the hedge , where you protect your property & secure yourself , in this article we will discuss which plants can be used in making hedges for your home gardens 1-Boxwood Boxwood sets the standard for formal clipped hedges. Its ability...
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Palm Tree Care Guide

Palm trees are perfect for adding a tropical touch to your garden. But to keep your palms looking their best, make sure you know exactly what they need. There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer — it all depends on the type of palm you grow. First, determine where you...
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Casuarina Trees

(Casuarina equisetifolia) belongs to family Casuarinaceae is the most popular farm forestry tree.Often called Australian pines, Though useful as firewood and windbreaks, Fast-growing casuarina trees can reach heights of 60 to 100 feet tall. Their long, wispy needles are a medium green. They flower with small yellow, red or...
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Chicken manure

Poultry manure is often sold in dried and pelleted form by garden centers and is a good non-chemical fertilizer. Dried, pelleted and powdered forms are distinct from fresh domestic poultry litter, which is best used on the compost heap. Why use poultry manure? Poultry manure products are one...
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The most asked questions about bulbs

  Do bulbs need fertilizer? If so, when? If the choice of bulbs has been adapted to the local conditions, no fertilizer is necessary, in principle. However, if you want to be absolutely sure that they bloom next season, some fertilizer (preferable organic) could be given, immediately after bloom...
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