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Indoor Animals Shape Pots

Surfing the Internet searching for new ideas for kids rooms indoor plants ideas , i have found a lot of stuff , one of them was the indoor pots in the shape on animals which looks attractive & also was attractive when i showed to kids , Anyway...
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Gymnocalycium Cacti

Gymnocalycium cacti are native to the Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and a few other South American countries where they grow in quite arid areas. These cactus have cylindrical stems which rarely get taller than around 8 inches with a diameter of 5 inches. All of the Gymnocalycium cactus have...
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Growing Agave

Agave Succulents Agave succulents  are tough plants. They form rosettes of elongated leaves which may or may not have serrated margins but are usually tipped with a spine spine. Many of the leaves are an attractive blue/green colour and some are marginated with cream, white or yellow. Many...
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Opuntia Cacti

Opuntia cacti are native to almost the entire world They are one of the largest genus and contain an incredible range of plants from small through true giants. One common factor with the Opuntia cactus is that they have ‘pads’ which are joined together giving them the common...
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Taking Care of Ficus Aphids

Ficus (Ficus spp.)  are commonly grown outdoors or as houseplants. Aphids can infest both indoor and outdoor plants. If you notice the tiny insects on your ficus, there are steps you can take to protect your plant and stop further infestation. Identification Aphids are small — typically pinhead...
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How Is the Ficus Propagated?

Many varieties of ficus plants are grown as Indoor & Outdoor Plant The genius Ficus contains more than 800 species, which includes fig-bearing trees and houseplants. Weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) is one of the most common houseplant trees sold in nurseries and garden centers. Other varieties include India...
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