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Soil types

Knowing whether your soil type is clay, sand, silt, loam, peat or chalk will help you choose the right plants for your garden and maintain them in good health. Quick facts -Clay soils are heavy, high in nutrients, wet and cold in winter and baked dry in summer -Sandy...
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Home composting is the most environmentally-friendly way of dealing with kitchen and garden waste, plus it produces compost that can be used as an excellent soil improver. Quick facts Suitable for All gardens, except the very smallest Timing All year Difficulty Easy Suitable for… Composting is useful in all gardens. Only...
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Types of NPK Fertilizers

Fertilizer is a material that is added to the soil to supply one or more elements required for plant growth and productiveness.  The major three elements are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus), the secondary elements are calcium, sulfur, magnesium, and other elements are boron, manganese, iron, zinc, copper and...
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Landscaping Around Swimming Pools

Privacy, safety, beauty and convenience are some of the considerations to keep in mind when landscaping around swimming pools. Plants provide beauty and privacy around a swimming pool. They soften the harsh lines of swimming pool equipment and help swimming pools to blend more naturally with the surrounding environment....
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Plants for under trees

  It can be a challenge to establish plant cover under the canopy of large trees. Shade and lack of moisture are both problems in these conditions, but there are a number of plants that will tolerate these situations. Quick facts Viburnum davidii AGM Mahonia aquifolium ‘Apollo’ AGM...
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Plant viruses

    Plant viruses affect many plants and cause a wide range of discolourations and distortions in leaves, shoots, stems and flowers, but rarely kill the plant. Quick facts Common name Plant viruses Scientific name Various Plants affected Many Main symptoms Leaf, shoot, stem and flower discolouration and...
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