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Probably nothing beats the taste of a just-picked, sun-ripened strawberry. Strawberries are loaded with natural sugars, but these sugars rapidly convert to starch once the berry is picked. So it is not mere pride that makes a freshly picked home-grown strawberry taste better — it really does. The...
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Delicate raspberries are highly perishable and difficult to ship, making them an expensive treat if purchased at a grocery store. However, they are easy to grow in a home garden, providing abundant harvests of mouthwatering fruit in midsummer. About This Plant Select plants that are bare-root or rooted...
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Widely adapted, reliably prolific, more compact, and less demanding than most fruit trees, plums are a natural choice for the home grower. Plums are delicious cooked in jams, jellies, butters, sauces; baked in pies and coffee cakes; dried as prunes; or — best of all — eaten juicy...
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Home gardeners can grow high-quality pear varieties available that aren’t available in grocery stores, making pear trees a good choice for the home orchard. About This Plant Pears can usually be grown wherever apples are successful, though they are somewhat less resistant than apples to extremes of heat...
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Few treats come close to the season’s first bite into a freshly harvested peach, juicy and warm from the midsummer sun. About This Plant As with most fruit trees, the trick is to start out with the peach variety that suits your climate. Peaches will grow in USDA...
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