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Ficus dammaropsis

Taxonomy: Ficus dammaropsis (Moraceae) Alternative Botanical Name: Dammaropsis kingiana Common Names: Dinner Plate Fig Highland Breadfruit Description: Ficus dammaropsis is an unusual fig with very large leaves that can grow 3 feet long and 2 feet wide. Like all the species of this genus, Diner Plate Fig produces a...
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It’s a wonder more gardeners don’t plant grapevines. Just 2 years after planting, you can be sampling your own grapes; in 3 years, you can be harvesting up to 15 pounds of grapes from each vine — plenty for eating and making jellies, juice, or wine. About This...
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Most people don’t realize just how large the citrus family is. What you see in the supermarket is only a small portion of what can be grown. Pummelos, blood oranges, limequats, and myriad mandarin varieties offer exciting new taste experiences and landscape possibilities. About This Plant Many types...
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The cherries sold fresh in most markets are sweet cherries — they have a thick, rich, almost plumlike texture and sweet taste. If you like your cherries cooked, then you have probably eaten tart cherries, which are juicier and slightly sour. About This Plant Tart cherries thrive in...
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Blackberries are among the easiest fruits to grow at home, and their attractive berries are a welcome midsummer treat. About This Plant Blackberries are classified botanically as Rubus, a genus that also includes raspberries. Blackberries may be called dewberries in some areas. Boysenberries, marionberries, or loganberries are not...
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Apricots are beautiful to look at and wonderful to eat, especially when harvested fresh off the tree. The trees can also be lovely centerpieces in a yard, with their abundant spring blossoms and attractive foliage. About This Plant Apricots can be a challenge to grow in cold regions...
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