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Pruning shrubs and evergreens

Pruning is an essential part of gardening. Correctly pruned trees, shrubs and evergreens will be superior in appearance, vigour and in flowering to neglected plants. Pruning tools: Hand held pruning shears Use for cutting stems up to 13 mm in diameter. Scissor types (illustrated) cut closer than anvil...
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Rose care throughout the year

Spring and summer Plant the bud union 5 cm below the soil line. Fertilize with transplanter formula 5-15-5. After three or four weeks, change to a brand name rose food. Established roses should be fed every week from early spring to late August. On the premise that prevention...
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Care tips for your poinsettia

poinsettia are the most popular of all Christmas houseplants. Millions of poinsettia are purchased each year during the Christmas season by people who enjoy the colour and warmth they provide to the home. Proper selection will help to ensure a long lasting plant that you will enjoy throughout...
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Cordyline fruticosa

Common Names: ti plant, Hawaiian ti, cordyline, good luck plantFamily: Agavaceae (agave Family) Description Ti is a palmlike evergreen shrub with a strong, usually unbranched trunk that can get up to 10 ft (3 m) tall. However, most of us know it as a smaller foliage house plant,...
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Syagrus romanzoffiana

Common Names: queen palm, Cocos plumosa, Arecastrum romanzoffianum Family: Arecacea/Palmae (palm Family) Description This is a palm with an identity crisis! A few decades ago the queen palm was assigned the name Cocos plumosa. During the late sixties and seventies most experts began referring to it as Arecastrum...
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