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Pool Deck Repair

Cracks in your pool’s deck aren’t just ugly, they can be dangerous because it’s easy to trip or slip on uneven surface. A pool is a great addition to your home, but everyone knows that there are some dangers that go hand-in-hand with having one – why add...
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How to Maintain Swimming Pool Water

t’s all about the water.  In order to make your pool look inviting, you need to keep the water crystal clear. You do not have to be a chemist in order to maintain the water quality in your pool.  However, you should understand the components that make your...
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How to Take Care of an Inground Swimming Pool

When added to the backyard, an inground pool offers entertainment, leisure, exercise opportunities — and an increase in value to your home. A  study  found that an in-ground swimming pool adds about 8 percent to your home’s value. The typical pool maintenance schedule involves a few weekly and...
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Landscaping Around Swimming Pools

Privacy, safety, beauty and convenience are some of the considerations to keep in mind when landscaping around swimming pools. Plants provide beauty and privacy around a swimming pool. They soften the harsh lines of swimming pool equipment and help swimming pools to blend more naturally with the surrounding environment....
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