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Petunia x hybrida

Common Names: petunias Family: Solanaceae (nightshade Family) Description Petunias are herbaceous perennials, usually grown as annuals, that have become one of our most popular garden plants. The petunias that we grow today comprise a large family of hybrids derived from many species including Petunia axillaris, P. violacea and...
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Scientific Name : Narcissus pseudonarcissus Common name: daffodil, common daffodil, wild daffodil, Easter lily, Lent lily, downdilly. Taxonomy Class: Equisetopsida Subclass: Magnoliidae Superorder: Lilianae Order: Asparagales Family: Amaryllidaceae Genus: Narcissus Plant type: Flower Sun exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun Soil type: Loamy Soil pH: Slightly Acidic to Neutral Flower...
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Botanical name: Aster Plant type: Flower Sun exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun Soil type: Loamy Soil pH: Varies Flower color: Red, Pink, Purple, White Bloom time: Summer, Fall Asters are daisy-like perennials with starry-shaped flower heads. They bring delightful color to the garden in late summer and autumn...
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Botanical name: Dahlia Plant type: Flower Sun exposure: Full Sun Soil type: Sandy, Loamy Flower color: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Purple, White Bloom time: Summer In cold climates of North America, dahlias are known as tuberous-rooted tender perennials, grown from small brown biennial tubers planted in the spring....
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Lilium hybrids

Common Names: garden lily Family: Liliaceae (lily Family) Description Which came first, the gardener or the lily? Lilies have graced our gardens for as long as there have been gardens! There are some 80-90 species in the genus Lilium (Formosan lily, for example), but most of us know...
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Phlox paniculata

Common Names: garden phlox, summer phlox Family: Acanthaceae (acanthus Family) Description Garden phlox is an herbaceous perennial that returns consistently year after year from a thickened root stock. It gets as large as 4 ft (1.2 m) tall, with thin, finely toothed ovate or elliptic leaves 2-5 in...
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