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Granite: Cleaning, Polishing & Protection

Granite, an igneous rock formed from magnum, is very dense, hard and brittle. Granite stands up well against heavy foot traffic, making it preferable for commercial application such as lobbies and walkways. True granite is the hardest of the polished stones commercially available and is used in high...
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How to Repair Granite?

The first step before doing any granite repair is to make sure that repair is actually needed. For example, what looks like cracks in granite may just be veins or fissures in the natural stone, so it’s always a good idea for both the buyer and the seller...
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Granite Types

Granite is Considered as one of the most elite materials that is used in indoor & outdoor Application , Also it is used  in making decoration items . Today we will display as much as we can of Granite Marble Types , to be easily for each of us...
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