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Surinam Cherry

The most widely known of the edible-fruited Eugenia species, because of its great adaptability, the Surinam cherry, E. uniflora L. (syns. E. Michelii Lam.; Stenocalyx Michelii Berg; Plinia rubra Vell.), is also called Brazil or Brazilian cherry, Cayenne cherry, pitanga, and, unfortunately, Florida cherry. In Spanish it is...
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Ananas Comosus

Common Names: pineapple, commercial pineapple Family: Bromeliaceae (bromeliad or pineapple Family) Description The pineapple is a bromeliad, like Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) and ball moss (T. recurvata), but pineapple is a terrestrial bromeliad, growing on the ground, rather than an epiphytic bromeliad that grows on a tree. The...
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Tips For Growing Figs In Pots

There’s nothing quite as ambrosial as a ripe fig, plucked fresh from a tree. Make no mistake, these beauties bear no relation to Fig Newton cookies; the flavor is more intense and redolent with natural sugars. If you live in USDA zones 8-10, there’s a fig for you....
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Pot a Fruit Tree

When you pot up a fruit tree, you can savor springtime blossoms and feast on fall fruit anywhere — on a deck, on a patio, or even on a sliver of balcony. A dwarf fruit tree needs sunlight and almost no growing room. You can move it, although once...
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