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Mesclun and Salad Greens

Salad greens are a fun and flavorful choice for any gardener, regardless of your experience level. They’re easy to grow, even in limited spaces and are a staple crop for any garden. About This Plant There is an abundance of salad crop varieties to choose from; As long...
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With a strong, pungent flavor, garlic is prized for its wide and indispensable use as a kitchen herb. About This Plant You can buy garlic bulbs or sets from garden stores or mail-order sources. There are three types of garlic: Elephant, hardneck and softneck. ,Elephant, garlic is actually...
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If growing healthful vegetables is high on your list, collards is the crop for you. This nutritional powerhouse is full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Closely related to kale, collard greens have traditionally been thought of as a Southern crop. But they grow well in many parts of...
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Many people are afraid to try growing cauliflower because they think it’s finicky, or that it’s a crop only experienced gardeners can have success with. While it is trickier to grow than some of the other cole crops, if you follow our suggestions you’ll be harvesting tender, mild-tasting...
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One of the oddest looking vegetables you can grow is kohlrabi. With its large, edible, bulbous stem sitting underneath big, cabbage-like leaves, it almost looks like some alien spacecraft that landed by accident in the middle of the vegetable garden! But the enlarged stem of this cabbage family...
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Leeks have an unfair reputation for being complicated to grow. These delicious, mild-tasting, non-bulbing onion relatives are in fact easy to start from seed and, with some simple techniques, produce long, white stalks that taste great in traditional leek and potato soup, braised in wine, or chopped in...
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