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Nymphoides aquatica

Common name: Banana Plant, Banana Lilly, the Big Floating Heart, the Brain Plant, Heart Water Lilly, Underwater Banana Plant Family: Menyanthaceae Synonymous: Limnanthemum aquaticum Limnanthemum lacunosum Limnanthemum trachyspermum Menyanthes trachysperma Nymphoides lacunosa Villarsia aquatica Distribution and habitat: Nymphoides aquatica species is most commonly found in Florida in calm,...
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Pistia stratiotes

Common Names: water-lettuce, shell-flower Family: Araceae (arum Family) Description Waterlettuce is a floating water plant with 6 in (15 cm) rosettes of ribbed, Ruffles® Potato Chip-like leaves. The rosettes are connected by stolons that break easily. The leaves are fleshy-thick, pale green and velvety-hairy, which causes water to bead and keeps...
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