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Acorus gramineus

Common name: Grassy-Leaved Sweet Flag, Dwarf sedge, Japanese rush, Japanese sweet flag Family: Acoraceae Distribution and habitat: Acorus gramineus is native to Japan in eastern Asia, where it usually occurs in wetlands and shallow water. It can grow fully or partially submerged or in very moist soil, but...
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Aldrovanda vesiculosa

Common name: Waterwheel Plant Family: Droseraceae Synonymous: Aldrovanda generalis Aldrovanda verticillata Drosera aldrovanda Distribution and habitat: Aldrovanda vesiculosa captures small aquatic invertebrates using traps similar to those of the Dionaea muscipula (Venus Flytrap). The traps are arranged in whorls around a central, free-floating stem, giving rise to the common...
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Anubias barteri

Common name: Growing Plastic Plant, Anubias Barteri, Anubias Family: Araceae Subfamily: Aroideae Tribe: Anubiadeae Synonymous: Anubias barteri var. angustifolia Anubias lanceolata Anubias nana Distribution and habitat: Anubias barteri is a flowering plant that hails from the west of Africa. In the wild, it can be found growing in...
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Eleocharis acicularis

Common name: Dwarf Hairgrass, Needle Spikerush, Needle-Spike Rush, Hair Grass Family: Cyperaceae Synonymous: Heleocharis acicularis Scirpus chaeta Eleogiton exigua Limnochloa acicularis Eleocharis acicularis forma fluitans Eleocharis acicularis forma inundata Eleocharis acicularis forma longicaulis Eleocharis acicularis forma submersa Eleocharis acicularis var. submersa Distribution and habitat: Eleocharis acicularis is widespread...
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Rotala rotundifolia

Common name: Pink Baby Tears, Roundleaf Toothcup, Pink Rotala, Dwarf Rotala Family: Lythraceae Synonymous: Ammannia rotundifolia Distribution and habitat: Rotala rotundifolia is an emergent perennial aquatic plant and has its origins in southeast Asia. In the wild, this species is often found in a semi-emersed state at the...
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Taxiphyllum barbieri

Common name: Java Moss, Christmas Moss, Dubious Bladder Moss, Mini Moss, Singapore Moss, Triangular Moss, Willow Moss Family: Hypnaceae Synonymous: Vesicularia dubyana Distribution and habitat: Taxiphyllum barbieri is a moss native to Southeast Asia. In its moist tropical climates it grows on the ground, on tree trunks and...
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