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Wisteria are vigorous, twining vines that bloom in spring with huge, cascading flower clusters. About This Plant Wisteria is notable not only for its attractive, fragrant flowers, but also for its vigorous growth. The vine may grow 10 feet or more in one year, and can easily overwhelm...
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Ficus dammaropsis

Taxonomy: Ficus dammaropsis (Moraceae) Alternative Botanical Name: Dammaropsis kingiana Common Names: Dinner Plate Fig Highland Breadfruit Description: Ficus dammaropsis is an unusual fig with very large leaves that can grow 3 feet long and 2 feet wide. Like all the species of this genus, Diner Plate Fig produces a...
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Rubber Plant Houseplant Care — Ficus elastica

Rubber Plant Basic Plant Care: Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica) is among the most common Ficus plants used as houseplants. Rubber plant care is a task that requires moderate attention. Rubber Plant requires a very moist but well-drained environment, a good balance of light and shade, and a varying...
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Melia azedarach

Common Names: Chinaberry, bead tree, Persian lilac, pride-of-India Family: Meliaceae (mahogany Family) Description Chinaberry is a fast-growing, short-lived tree with a rounded crown that reaches about 50 ft (15.2 m) tall with a 20 ft (6.1 m) spread. The bark is reddish brown, becoming fissured on mature trees....
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Tamarix parviflora

Common Names: small-flowered tamarisk, early tamarisk Family: Tamariacaceae (tamarisk Family) Description Small-flowered tamarisk is a deep-rooted, wide spreading deciduous shrub or small tree to 15 ft (4.6 m) tall with a similar spread. It has purplish bark and graceful arching greenish purple shoots with scale-like bright green leaves....
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Ficus microcarpa

Common Names: The Pot Belly Fig, Ginseng Plant, Banyan Fig, Taiwan Ficus, Indian Laurel, Curtain fig, Small-fruited Fig, Chinese Banyan Family: Moraceae Synonymous: Ficus aggregata Ficus cairnsii Ficus condoravia Ficus dahlii Ficus dyctiophleba Ficus littoralis Ficus naumannii Ficus nitida Ficus regnans Ficus retusa Ficus retusiformis Ficus rubra Ficus...
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