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How to Clean Natural Stone Flooring ?

Natural stone is a beautiful and impressive flooring feature which can dramatically elevate the sophistication of an environment. A porous material, it requires a certain amount of regular maintenance in order to preserve its look and function. At the same time you have to use caution with some...
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How To Clean Bamboo Flooring?

Cleaning bamboo flooring is relatively easy, as this material is naturally quite hard, and is more resistant to water damage than similar hardwood floors. However there are regular maintenance tasks that have to be performed periodically if you want to keep the bamboo looking its best. The following...
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How to Repair Granite?

The first step before doing any granite repair is to make sure that repair is actually needed. For example, what looks like cracks in granite may just be veins or fissures in the natural stone, so it’s always a good idea for both the buyer and the seller...
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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is one of the easiest Solutions for outdoor installation in many homes for making your own flooring such as patio, pool deck or driveway, Concrete is a tough and durable material which makes it ideal for outdoor applications. What is amazing in Stamped Concrete is that...
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All What you need to know about Marble flooring

Marble is one of the most lavish and elegant flooring, as it is considered as the most popular flooring for both interior and exterior application. Marble is used for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Pool Decks, Entrance pathways, dinning rooms, living rooms & many other areas of home Marble flooring are available...
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Triesta Marble

  Triesta Marble one of the most famous types of Egyptian Marble, Trieste Marble is Gray, Light Brown , it is fine grained & irregular pattern marble , Also sometimes it is called Sinai pearl , it is used for flooring & for wall purpose For its attractive...
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