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Growing Agave

Agave Succulents Agave succulents  are tough plants. They form rosettes of elongated leaves which may or may not have serrated margins but are usually tipped with a spine spine. Many of the leaves are an attractive blue/green colour and some are marginated with cream, white or yellow. Many...
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Opuntia Cacti

Opuntia cacti are native to almost the entire world They are one of the largest genus and contain an incredible range of plants from small through true giants. One common factor with the Opuntia cactus is that they have ‘pads’ which are joined together giving them the common...
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All About Echinocactus Care & Growing

If you are Cactus lover ,So you might have heard of echinocactus and even have one at home. You should know that this plant needs special care. We will go through this article just to give you useful tips on how to grow and how to care. The...
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Tips on Growing Cacti

Introduction Growing and propagating cacti is relatively easy to do and can be quite rewarding. For the most part there are three environmental variables to consider to ensure your experience with growing cacti is successful. These are: Soil Water Light We’ll examine these three conditions in greater detail...
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Top 10 Succulent Plants for the Home

Succulents are the perfect plant for forgetful gardeners. Succulent care is easy, and succulent gardens and terrariums can brighten any indoor space. Succulent plants are always in style. With juicy leaves, stems, or roots, succulents form a vast and diverse group of plants, offering easy-care choices for your...
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Adenium obesum

Latin Name: Adenium obesum Common Name: Desert Rose , African Succulents Plant family: Apocynaceae (the dogbane family) Indoor/Home/Office Cultivation Information Light requirement: Bright sunlight. Adenium will not flower under low light conditions. Soil preference: Rich, organic peat or bark-based, bagged potting soil. Water requirement: Water regularly but do not...
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