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Yungasocereus inquisivensis

Yungasocereus inquisivensis is a species of cactus native to Bolivia(La Paz), the sole member of its genus, Yungasocereus. It is a columnar cactus, appearing either as a tree or shrub, ranging up to 4-5 meters in height. The 6-7 cm diameter stems are dark green, with 6-10 ribs....
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Facts About Christmas Cactus

Scientific Name Schlumbergera bridgesii (Lem.) Loefgr. Common Names Christmas Cactus, Holiday Cactus Synonyms Epiphyllum bridgesii (basionym) Scientific Classification Family: Cactaceae Subfamily: Cactoideae Genus: Schlumbergera If you’re lucky, you could receive a Christmas Cactus as a gift this holiday season. This common house plant blooms during the Christmas season, but its long green arms...
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How To Propagate Snake Plants

Snake plants bring to mind visions of Medusa and are also called mother-in-laws tongue. The plant features sword-shaped leaves — smooth and almost waxy. The easy nature of snake plant care makes it perfect for almost any interior situation and a visually striking and tenacious specimen. The plants...
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Useful Tips for Growing Succulents

Succulents are among the easiest plants to propagate, largely because the plants have a strong sense of self-preservation. The drought tolerant plants root with little encouragement from you, and new plants can be grown from existing ones. You even can ignore the cuttings for weeks and the plants...
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Gymnocalycium Cacti

Gymnocalycium cacti are native to the Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and a few other South American countries where they grow in quite arid areas. These cactus have cylindrical stems which rarely get taller than around 8 inches with a diameter of 5 inches. All of the Gymnocalycium cactus have...
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